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Sound Mixer
818/209-0060 (c)


A1/Sound Technician - History Channel/Original Productions “Ice Road Truckers” Seasons 1, 2, & 3

A1/Sound Technician - Discovery/Original Productions “Swords: Life on the Line” Seasons 1 & 2

A1/Lead Sound Mixer - PBS/Boston Productions “In Pursuit of a Dream”

Sound Mixer - CBS National News w/ Katie Couric “Michael Jackson’s Funeral”

Sound Mixer - ABC/Lock and Key Prods.“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” Season 1

Sound Mixer - ABC/Nightline - 10/07 San Diego Fires - Rancho Bernardo/Poway w/ correspondent Terry Moran

Sound Mixer - NBC/Nash Entertainment “Who Wants To Marry My Dad?” 1 & 2

Sound Mixer - NBC/Go Faster Prods.“Biggest Loser” Season 1

Sound Mixer - NBC/3 Ball Prods./Nash Entertainment “For Love Or Money” Season 2

Sound Mixer - NBC/Universal/Bobwell Prods. “Blind Date” Season 6

Sound Mixer - NBC “Access Hollywood” various assignments

Sound Mixer - Yahoo/Nissan “Live Sets” Concert Series ’07 BTS: Rascal Flats, Ryan Adams, Melissa Ethridge, etc.

Sound Mixer - Universal/Bobwell Prods. “The 5th Wheel” Season 3

Sound Mixer - Universal First Run Television “Untitled Linda Lopez Project”

Sound Mixer - Speed Channel/Digital Pipeline Media “Epic Ride”

Sound Mixer - The Learning Channel /Mike Mathis Prods. “Take Home Chef” Season 1 Seattle and San Francisco

Sound Mixer - The Learning Channel /Evolution Film and Tape “That Yin Yang Thing”

Sound Mixer - The Learning Channel /Nash Entertainment “For Better or For Worse” Seasons 1 & 2

Sound Mixer - Fox Television/ Nash Entertainment “Mr. Personality”

Sound Mixer - Fox/Lock and Key Prods.“The Next Great Champ”

Sound Mixer - FX Channel/Lock and Key Prods.“Todd TV”

Sound Mixer - Sci-Fi Channel/NBC Dateline Prods. “Sci-Fi Investigates”

Sound Mixer - Sci-Fi Channel/House of Eleven Prods. “It’s A Mad, Mad House”

Sound Mixer - UPN/5th Floor Prods. “Let’s Get This Party Started”

Sound Mixer - Comedy Central “Drew Carey ‘Green Screen Show’” and “Adam Corrolla’s ‘Too Late’” promos

Sound Mixer - Comedy Central “Chris Eliot Pilot”

Sound Mixer - PAX Network/Visual Frontier, Inc. “Cold Turkey” Season 1

Sound Mixer - New Wave Entertainment - EPK’s for “Green Mile”, “American Dreamz”, “Beyond the Valley of the Dolls”

Sound Mixer - MTV/Martin-Calvert Prods.“Daddy’s Spoiled Little Girl”

Sound Mixer - MTV/Renegade Prods. “Scammers” pilot

Sound Mixer - The Golf Channel “Golf Makeover: Wild Bill”

Sound Mixer - Osceola Prods./David E Kelley’s “The Law Firm”

Sound Mixer - World of Wonder “When I Knew” HBO Pilot

Sound Mixer - King World “Rachel Ray Book Tour”

Sound Mixer - Jack Morton Worldwide, Inc. “California Endowment” documentary

Sound Mixer - Red Rocket Prods. “Midway Ford/Suzuki of Los Angeles” advertisements

Sound Mixer - Edmonds Entertainment “DMX: Soul of a Man” (aka DMX Project: The ‘X’ Factor)

Sound Mixer - June Beallor Prods. “Reginald Hudlin for BET’s 25th Anniversary” broadcast

Sound Mixer - June Beallor Prods. “Stevie Wonder for United Negro College Fund Special” broadcast

Sound Mixer - David Fishof’s “Rock’n’Roll Fantasy Camp”

Sound Mixer - Honda & Mitsubishi/ Martin Brinkerhoff & Assoc.“Baja 1000 ‘06”

Sound Mixer – Fleischman Hillard (Chicago) “Gatorade: High School Sports Hydration Replenishment”

Sound Mixer - Safari Films/House of Blues Records “Interview w/ Dr. John”

Sound Mixer - Thinkfilm “Microsoft/Bethesda Software:’05 E3 Convention/X-box 360” product launch

Sound Mixer – Gameplay HD/Rainbow Media “Blizzcon ‘World of Warcraft’ World Championship Playoffs ‘07”

Playback Operator - MTV/Danny Salles Project “Faking the Video”

Sound Assistant - John O’Hurley’s “Dance Like A Star” instructional DVD

Still Photography, Reading, Travel, Playing Drums and Bass Guitar, Skiing, Mountain Biking,

Motorcycle Riding, Ice Skating/Hockey, Rollerblading, Swimming, Camping

Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, U.S.S.R.(’90), Sweden, Holland, Germany, France, United Kingdom, South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Baja Mexico, Northwest Territories Canada, Alaska’s Eagle Pass Glacier and Kenai Peninsula